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7 Simple Solutions to
Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Written by Clara V. Rodriguez

Are You Ready To Start Living A Life That Requires Less Effort To Feel Happy?

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A step-by-step guide to transform your life from blah to best

Do you want tools to relieve your anxiety and depression that don’t require hours of therapy after a long work day?

Are you ready to start living a life that requires less effort to feel happy?

In this book you will learn:

  • New healthy habits through a guided 21-day journey (workbook included!)
  • 7 simple solutions including meditations, yoga asanas, deep breathing, and more
  • Tools to get past limiting beliefs and the roadblocks that are holding you back
  • How to implement the practices that allow you to activate your most joyful life
  • Resources, tips and tools to support you in implementing these habits in your daily routine

    If you’re ready to start living your best life even if you don’t know that its possible, even if you had given up, even if you are not sure, start your journey to a vibrant happy you today!


    Clara V. Rodriguez, M.A., RYT500

    Speaker, Author, Happiness Architect

    Clara V Rodriguez, M.A., RYT500 is a wellness advocate and entrepreneur whose integrative approach combines her training and experience as an Organizational Psychologist, Wellness & Life Coach, and Yoga & Fitness Instructor to empower and uplift women to live healthy, happy lives. Overcoming her own battle with anxiety and depression, Clara delivers first-hand experience and proven techniques to guide those ready to live their best life. To learn more checkout Clara, check out the speaker page


    William Borde-Perry, MD
    Board Certified Emergency Physician, Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coach

    "As a physician and life coach, I have read many books on the subjects of anxiety and depression. This book is complete and encompasses the full 360-degree spectrum of the human experience to alleviate suffering from these states. I tried these habits and they truly work. Share this book with as many people as possible and save a life."

    Sarah Yukie Gingrich E-RYT500
    Founder and Executive Director, Create Karma

    As a wellness leader, one of the things I see as vital and missing are clear, accessible, and simple practices to transform wellness. Clara’s book is a wonderful resource! Do yourself a favor and take on the practices proscribed here to immediately experience an uplevel in your own health and happiness.

    Melissa Paul RYT 500

    Clara has taken her years of study and made a simple, thoughtful and powerful book of practices that have made an impact on my life. This book should be in the hands of all women, young and old, who are looking to connect to themselves and be the best mom, partner, friend they can be. I highly recommend.

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