Women's Wellness Retreat

Divine Feminine Embodiment

As September unfolds, and we near the Fall Equinox, we are moving into the more Feminine energy of the year as the days will soon get shorter and the nights become longer. It’s a time for harvesting the years bounty and diving deeper into the realms of reflection, emotion, resting and flow. A perfect time to retreat from the bustle of life, slow down, care for the body, mind and spirit, do some reflecting, and release what is no longer serving.

This all inclusive Women’s Wellness Retreat has been carefully designed to provide each women with a sacred space to do just that. Women who join us can expect to have a memorable experience that leaves them feeling open, powerful, fully self expressed, connected, and refreshed, with a deeper experience of the fullness of her feminine essence and how to live in harmony with the inner and outer cycles of life. 

Meet your hosts:

Aubrie Woodhill is a Happy Healthy Life Coach, Creative Expression Leader, and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, as well as a loving Mother, Wife, Sister, and Daughter. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for people to; express themselves from the heart, lean into more self care on all levels, and live lives they love.

Clara Rodriguez is a Wellnesspreneur, Yoga & Meditation Guide, & Author of Vibrant Happy You: 7 Simple Solutions to Relieve Anxiety & Depression. Her mission is to empower women to live their healthiest happiest lives through holistic wellbeing. She guides women in natural solutions and practices that allow them to feel and look their best.

Emily Ashley is a highly trained Breathwork Practitioner, Counselor, Coach and Ceremonialist. She holds spaces for seekers to experience integrated learning and healing at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. She draws upon her own living wisdom in exploring the depth of inner realms to assist clients in navigating through difficult emotions, physical sensations and thoughts with safety, support, and ease.

Our offerings include:


-Opening circle to create a sacred container for the weekend, connect with each other and declare intentions for the weekend.

-Yoga Nidra in the evening to calm the mind, sink deeper into the body, and open up to your inner wisdom and flow.

-Oracle Hour, where we will connect more deeply, reflect on our intentions, and receive guidance from various divination tools.


-Guided Gentle Yoga, Grounding Meditations and Breathwork in the mornings to quiet the mind, get into our bodies and learn a thing or two about regulating the nervous system (AKA reducing stress) as access to a happier and healthier life.

-Divine Feminine Embodiment Exploration, where we will re-connect to the “nature” of you, your body/earth/feminine essence. We will embark on some sacred shadow work, reflecting on the parts of ourselves we have suppressed, hidden or condemned in order to expand our potential for wholeness, full self expression, pleasure, play and power.

-Embody your Sacred Rage, and channel all your unexpressed emotions into smashing a watermelon or pumpkin into pieces with a baseball bat. Ever feel like you just want to destroy something, but don’t feel like you can? Now’s your chance to really let it out, screaming encouraged.

-Rebirthing Breathwork Ceremony, where we utilize the art and science of breath awareness and practice of 'Conscious Connected Circular Breathing' for enhancing the human experience. Down regulate your nervous system in order to release unresolved energies stored in the unconcious mind and physical body, and experience a profound feeling of relief and clarity replaces the unconscious tension that was once present.

-Full Moon Fire Circle, where in divine sisterhood we express and explore withheld feelings and the depth of emotion through guided movement and sound. We will also explore and witness self expression through song, poetry, dance and whatever else is being called forth to share or release to the fire. 

-Cycle Syncing Workshop, where you are given tangible takeaways on how to live more in sync with the cycle of your hormones and the seasons, discover your monthly moon cycle as a beautiful and powerful guide to your wellbeing both internally and externally, and bring a sense of sacredness and respect for the Womb, the Earth and it’s innate wisdom.

-Closing Circle, where we connect, reflect, and share one last time as a group, and close the container.

Tickets for the weekend are $555. All lodgings, meals and offerings are included. Let us take care of all the details so you can surrender into the flow of the weekend. We will be served nourishing vegan meals by our gracious hosts Jason and Nelson, and some snacks will be available for grazing during free time. The beautiful Meditation Room, Kitchen and Dining Hall, and Bunk House are all separate buildings on the luscious property, allowing for spaciousness, naps, snacks, journaling, self care, and quiet time between offerings. A few private rooms are available, for an additional $80. (You will need to either pay via app or bring cash, please contact us to reserve.)

Enjoy the other amenities of the beautiful Golden Hill Retreat Center such as use of the Infrared Sauna, Biomat, or Red Light Therapy Booth. Massage, energy work,or wellness consult can be arranged with prior notice. You can read more about the Golden Hill Retreat Center at goldenhillretreat.com.

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Please reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to healing with you.

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