About Clara V.

My Journey to Happy

In 2016, I left a full-time job, started teaching yoga full time and endeavoured to start a wellness practice that would change lives.

Clara V Rodriguez, M.A., RYT200 is a wellness advocate and entrepreneur whose integrative approach combines her training and experience as an Organizational Psychologist, Wellness & Life Coach, and Yoga & Fitness Instructor to empower and uplift women to live healthy, happy lives.

My Story

I spent many years of my adult life in search of happiness, peace of mind and joy

I want more than anything for you to benefit from the years of trial and error that I put in to get where I am today. Early on in high school, I experienced anxiety, not wanting to go to school, thinking I didn’t belong, and feeling very alone.

I was afraid to say the wrong thing, cried myself to sleep every night and disassociated myself from my peers. Worry and stress overcame me to the point that I had no choice other than to seek help. I was desperate. And yet, it took years of trying traditional approaches and therapies, reading thousands of books, taking courses and workshops, and seeing alternative healers to discover the life-altering combination of solutions that allow me to live with more ease and joy.

My Commitment

Creating a Happy Life

Through Vibrant Happy You, my workshops, author events, and online course, you can take advantage of my experience and enjoy the tools and practices I used – and continue to use on a regular basis – to uncover true wellbeing, peace of mind, and joy in your own life.

My commitment to you is that with regular practice you can have the life you desire and true total wellbeing.